2013, let's make magic!

THAT'S IT! My 2013 #1 goal is to blog. And I mean, BLOG. as in, keep an online journal of my life. think about what i write. take intentional pictures. video.


I had some negative feedback back in my early 2012 blogging days - along with morning sickness and it threw me off. Thus, blogging silence.

but 2013 is a big year for us:

we are becoming a family of 4 into our 4th year of marriage.
we are going to buy a house. (we better find one before 2014 or I'll go bananas)
my husband graduates with a masters and the never-ending school schedule of busyness will cease!
i bet some other totally amazing things will commence also.

here's what i plan on doing over in this little space.

i want to do some monthly/weekly features. i may not be perfect, but at least it gives me a clear vision of what to include when i take the time to catalog on here.

conversations with my 2 year old. similar to this.
a portrait of each family member, once a week, every week, for 2013. idea stolen from here.
these glorious moments. snapshots from my instagram eye. old ones found over here.
a week to week update on the little baby girl. COMING SOON.
and a writing piece, hopefully weekly, in response to a scripture, quote, photograph, etc. it's just healthy for my brain to force myself to articulate. will be called WORDS.
hopefully some showcasing of art made separate from work. i think that would be really good for me, to do some design projects (both graphic and material) that's not making me money and not someone else's vision.
and perhaps a weekly cooking adventure.

hopefully this won't be a post of broken promises. but i think not. i feel ready.

while you are here, i want to tell you about some other amazing blogs and businesses from incredible people much more dedicated and consistent than myself.

allison over at after His smile writes a beautiful blog about her journey of grace in mothering, homemaking, and adoption.
britney gives little peaks into her life in canada as a new mom at her blog mike+brit.
my friend courtney has a wonderful handmade shop on etsy where she sells earrings made from unique beads and low-priced prints of her photography at burdees.

oh and i'm really enjoying some of this music magic today.

that's all for now. hoping to see you sooner than later. 2013, here we go!


  1. Yay!! This is such good news :)))

  2. i'm sooo joining in the weekly portraits post!!!! i definitely need some blog-vision!! haha. instagram has sucked me in...its wayyy easier. but doing weekly things like that is such a good idea. and so much better for documenting LIFE. i'm so happy that you're going to blog more because i MISS YOU and i love your little family and this way i can see what's happening!! and little conversations with amos...i would LOVE!!!!

  3. oh my gosh!!!!! i'm so so so happy you're back!!!!
    i want to do the portraits & videos!!!!!! such i great idea! i'm totally stealing your ideas that you stole. ;)

  4. I found you on ohdeardrea and loved your blog instantly!!! I'm glad you're writing again!


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