these glorious moments...

1 || a beautiful, sunny southern california day. 
2 || went for a drive (sometimes my lethargic, third trimester pregnant self just needs to get outside, even if i don't know where i am driving to) and amos fell asleep within first 5 minutes. chilled in the car with him for 2 hours. 
3 || amos wakes up! and we grab some lunch
4 || 34 weeks big
5 || one of the chillier days we have had here and we still made it to the park
6 || had the joy of watching amos' little best friend preston for the day, and those boys had so much fun {and they look like twins! }
7 || last weekend our church had it's annual "world mandate conference". so provoking, and such a conversation launcher for ricky and i
8 || amos the city boy rockin' his jordans

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