these glorious moments...


1 || amos still needs skin to fall asleep, even though he's been weaned for months. holds my face before nap time.
2 || playdough is his new obsession. thai iced tea and curry is mine. (ps don't mind the messy faced boy lurking in the background.)
3 || exploring our "maybe" house with daddy
4 || 1/8th of our massive "maybe" backyard
5 || coffee house time during our retreat to palm springs with the valdez fam and doing some work for thegivingkeys. PLEASE GO CHECK THEM OUT. GREAT COMPANY. + my sexy man studying


  1. That naptime cuddle picture melted my heart--he looks so peaceful! Hope the house works out for you guys!

  2. I just started a juice fast and now all I want is a giant coffee from Starbucks! Ahh, I will persevere! :)


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