these glorious moments...

1. A magical children's book loft + coffee shop on the harbor.
2. My new glasses I got for $11 (shipping) from coastal lenses. First pair free!
3. L - our first Monday back in routine after Christmas vacation. A muffin, coffee, and downtown.
    R - Amos happy, even though he had a stomach bug, and after running around like a burrito, he ran around the living room naked, laughing, and saying, "i'm nakey! i'm nakey!"
4. Much needed date day at the Linkery in our neighborhood (which we will be leaving soon - soooo sad). Ricky had some fries with a fried egg on it, and I had the best burger.
5. LOVE.
6. Me looking super angry, but actually feeling amazing at 32 weeks. I have energy, barely any discomfort, and am sleeping great. I'm so thankful to Jesus!

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