lucia // 13 days old. o, hello weekend!

lucia mercy at 13 days old. sleeping all the time (is this normal?! i can't remember!). nurses like a champion - i don't think i've ever had to fix her latch. weighed in at 8 lbs 5 oz on Wednesday. she likes to be rocked to sleep, and sometimes will take a pacifier. she heard mariachis for the first time last night at our favorite mexican spot and she gets kisses and hugs from her brother about 150 times a day. she sleeps through the night, except to nurse once or twice. she's in our bed... but hoping to start her out at night in her cosleeper next week. if not, no biggy. amos was in our bed for over a year, and it worked perfectly for us. plus we have a cal king bed now, so it's roomy enough for us all - even when amos crawls in bed after the sun rises.


i made it through my first week at home. as always, i am realizing my absolute need to commune with the Holy Spirit. to feast on the Word. to lean into His everlasting arms. i am so grateful the Lord is filling my life with things (and people, and babies) that provoke my heart to call out to Jesus. i am such an empty vessel without Him, and an empty mother.

mothers, or anyone really who seems busy, when do you spend time with the Lord? what does it look like for you? is it whenever you can squeeze it in during your day? is it in your schedule? i am finding it a little difficult as i am rather sleepy in the mornings - i lie in bed with Lucia until the minute ricky walks out the door. and amos has forsaken naps ever since Ricky went back to work. i've implemented an hour of quiet time, where Amos has to watch something or read some books. this would be a great place to start. hoping next week we can plug this into my routine.

well now it's time for the weekend! i have a lot of projects planned for ricky and i... as the house is still in the process of completion (we don't have curtains or blinds yet! ahhh - excited to make these), and we need to do some saturday cleaning as it was hard to keep up this week (i'm guessing that will be the next year of my life).

i'm excited for next week too, as some of my friends are coming to visit. :) i think i have refueled from my introverted week. (alone time is how i get my energy, and it's exactly what i needed to recover.)

also hoping to get back into the swing of some of my weekly posts i was wanting to do.

well, time to sip my triple grande upside down caramel machiatto with half pumps of vanilla (haha sooo annoying) - because obviously i am so happy to drink it again. and to watch amos give his animals a "bath" in our backyard out the back window. life is simple. and life is sweet.


  1. Hey girl! I'm just two months into this 2u2 gig, and I'm majorly learning how desperately I need Him!!! I've always been the type to function the best when I can be the first one up in the house, to make my coffee and spend time with the Lord. But that is totally NOT happening right now, lol. I know it's just a season, so keeping that in mind helps me through. So right now after we're all up, I put on a DVD (Baby Einstein or Praise Baby) for my toddler, feed the baby, and then dive into the Word. Obviously things get interrupted quite often, but I just pray for extra grace. It typically ends up being an all morning gig, just kind of leaving my Bible open on the kitchen table and coming back to it after a diaper change, feed, or quick coloring session. :)
    Also--I'm just like you--must have my alone time to refuel!! :)
    Happy Weekend!

    1. this is so good! and it's so much simpler than I sometimes think. Thanks for sharing.

  2. :) I'm finding my time with the Lord isn't real deep during the day time, but at 10 am most mornings, we sit down and turn on Daniel Tiger on pbs. It's a 30 minute show the boys really like to watch :) I bring my devotional, my bible and my journal with me. Most mornings I just read the devo and the coordinating scriptures in my Bible. I find that it's actually pretty good, because I'm spending time with God in front of the boys (when really, I'd rather be in my QT alone) and they want to bring their bibles and sit with them to 'read' while watching DT. :) This is definitely a simple time of life, and the boys constantly remind me of how much I need God's grace, as well as re-learning the simple lessons of the Bible--talking about Joshua's courage to lead the Isrealites because we read the Battle of Jericho for the 10th time, or David's bravery/trust in God because of standing up to Goliath (seems Nehemiah wants to read that multiple times a day :)). I just try to remember that I had a season of plenty, and ask the Holy Spirit to remind me of the Word that I put in my heart on the days that QT is just not in the cards. :) It looks like God is doing some beautiful things in your life, Tiffany:) Such a resplendent woman of God :)

    1. I love how you put this "I just try to remember that I had a season of plenty, and ask the Holy Spirit to remind me of the Word that I put in my heart on the days that QT is just not in the cards." I LOVE IT. Thanks for sharing. Hoping to get into a good groove in the next coming weeks.

  3. What a precious little child of God! Congratulations Tiffany, she is beautiful! I just started reading your blog a couple of weeks ago. I just love coming back to read and I enjoy hearing what is on your heart :) I am not yet a mother, but soon to be a wife. I am inspired by the beauty of your everyday life with your children. I hope to have that life in the future! Can't wait to keep reading about your beautiful family. God's blessings on this new adventure with your family of 4!


    1. Rachel, thanks for stopping in and reading! Excited for your new journey as a wife - IT IS THE BEST! such a fun season before kids come.

  4. She is beautiful. Congratulations again :)
    I have a 15 month old and I work full time so as for me, I feel as if there is never anytime for anything. I work from 9-5 and RUN home to spend a few hours with my little one. I put him down at 8pm, hoping to spend a little time for myself and with my husband before I knock out due to the exhaustion.
    I pray and read some verses during my commute to and from work. I also take a few minutes right after I put my little Ethan down to connect with my husband about sunday's sermon from the week prior to. something I always keep in mind is that its ok if I don't choose a specific time during the day to pray or read the bible because He is always there. If I know I have a hectic day ahead, Ill take some time during my break, as I'm walking to the restroom, as I'm waiting for patients to arrive (I work in a hospital) or even while im washing my hands looking at myself in the mirror :) I thank him for another day of life.

    Hope that was helpful.
    Ill be coming for you on tips when we become a family of 4 :)


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