mother's day 2013.

strange expression on my part but cute kids. ;)

mother's day! such a great weekend. had some needed alone time. my sweet baby lucia was dedicated on church on the sunday of mother's day. and my husband was in his last official weekend of schoolwork. a new season has come this past week. one with a husband home in the evenings, a baby grown out of newborn stage and a toddler who talks like a fellow adult (WHAT?!?!?!). summer is here and i'm dreaming of a developed back yard, bbq's, worship nights, baseball games, and walks on the beach. because summer is san diego's shining moment. and i can't wait. and i love being a mother - in case my emotional outburt last post confused anyone. ;)

my little rewards. 
last mother's day. 2012.

there was a reset! would love your votes here (click on left owl).

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