spring is here - and that means baseball!!

i grew up in a baseball town (st. louis cardinals), but wasn't in a big sports family. i went to my fair share of Cardinals games, but they were usually the nosebleeds and I can't remember an instance where we stuck it out through the entire (VERY HOT) summer game. 

i married into a MAJOR baseball family. Ricky was a player as long as he could remember, and was really really good at it. if it wasn't for the Lord apprehending his heart and changing the path of his life - Ricky maybe could have went pro. his dad loves baseball. his extended family loves baseball. this was all pretty new to me as most of my guys friends growing up and before i met ricky were more the "i wanna play in a band" or watch a super funny movie or go on a hike sort of guys. ricky is all of that: lover of good music, great culture, enjoys outdoors, and is super smart - but he also LOVES sports. it use to be weird to me, but i understand it a little more and more.

so i had to let go of the cardinals, which i held onto very very loosely, and embraced the padres. they aren't that great, but you can feel the ocean air from the stadium and it makes my husband happy. SUPER SUPER happy. 

and so amos was given a bat and ball the week he was born. he learned to throw a baseball and hit it before the age of 2. and he thinks his grandpa is a hero because his retired job is working the field at the stadium. 

 here's a look at his padres past... :) 

Amos' first Padres game.  around 6 months old.

Amos' second season of games. here he is about a year and a half.

amos' caught his first ball (or his daddy did). 1 1/2 years old.

practicing hitting at 2 1/2 years old.

we were excited to bring lucia to her first game. she's not even 3 months old and has already been to two games. 

lucia at 2 months old in her padres onesie. and amos with a super weird smile/expression.

 excited to make a ton more baseball memories with my family in the years to come!


  1. I just LOVE this post. We're huge baseball freaks (but we're Redsox fans). I just randomly re-discovered your blog- I used to be a reader awhile ago. I can't wait to see what your little family has been up to.

  2. This post makes me so happy. I don't even like baseball!! But seeing your family having so much fun and creating such wonderful traditions is amazing. and Amos looks adorabbleeee in his baseball outfit.

  3. So sweet! Benjamin loves baseball as well and even tried out for the minors! Judah [our baby] also got his first baseball the day he was born and came home in a baseball outfit. So so sweet. I am excited for our boys to play and share in something their daddy loves.


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