"the gospel in her home" (the bottom line)

so often, as a mom, i fall short of my own personal expectations. produce goes bad and the meal i planned doesn't come to fruition. i'm short and impatient with ricky, or amos. i don't blog as often as i'd like and drink too much coffee. my heart forgets the holy spirit through out the day. i don't do what i say i'll do. my wretched grammar.

but then, the hope... the absolute BLESSED HOPE, that my performance does not determine my place before God. that regardless of my shortcomings the Creator of the Universe which extends beyond our reach, He who breathed life into man and set the earth into motion. the author of song, He who dances wildly over us - this One sees me as righteous. without fault. clean.

because Jesus came as a man. walked the earth. died a sinner's death though He faltered not once. and then, hallelujah, conquered death and rose out of the grave to hand us ETERNAL LIFE.

this is the gospel in my home that comforts me at night and raises me up each morning.

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