sometimes i want to post about something other than being a mom. because honestly, sometimes i want to sneak into the world of pre-children that is brimming with creativity, freedom, and dreams. not because i don't like it (the mom stuff), because it's my life. it's my joy. i love seeing your children grow up, and you find your place in the role of motherhood. i love watching your heart expand, as mine has. i love it. and i love posting about it.

most of the time.

but sometimes, sometimes i have to sneak away by myself and listen to the hipster radio station full of songs i don't know, by myself, and go to a thrift store - by myself, and take 15 minutes looking through frames and linens - something my toddler would never have patience for.

and sometimes, i have to take a chunk of time and think about things other than if i need to change my baby's diaper or if my toddler is going to break something or be impolite to the stranger who says hello in the store.

sometimes, sometimes - i want to think deeply - about life and theology and art and culture and the world and God. for an extended period of time. i want to then blog about it or paint it or sing it or something.

but when i'm done with my 2 hour sneak away, i love to come back to it all. i love to pull into the driveway to see my son watering the garden with his dad, and my precious baby in a deep, peaceful sleep. i love to read about the new births, and the new pregnancies, and the new words toddlers are uttering. i love growing up with you all. throwing selfishness to the wayside, and embracing servanthood. i love seeing our families grow, our hearts find life, and the ways Jesus is perfecting us through a new season. refining fires of messes, squabbles, sleepless nights, and little kisses.


  1. literally speaking my heart at this very moment.


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  3. not sure what happened to my comment, but here it is again-- (I'm computer challenged, clearly)

    I love this post. It is so honest, and so TRUE. It's difficult to find the balance, isn't it? But so important, especially for us mamas who love the world of ideas, creativity, who crave solitude every once in a while, and a good long book. I don't want to rush through the little years, but I am looking forward to the day when Diana is old enough to talk to about the deep things of God, about ideas and books and all of that. It will be so sweet.

    Please keep writing and painting and singing and creating. You are amazing at all of it!! sneak away every once in a while. It's good for your soul.


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