"the gospel in her home." (from the small to the large)

     a mother at my women's group has been diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. from what i understand, she has 2 children under the age of 6 and has a desire to have more children. she spoke today on what the Lord has been teaching her through such a trying situation.

    she says she often felt as if she was failing or not enough, especially in the realm of motherhood. God's response to that has been a resounding, "Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose again." this is the answer to her failure. it was pinned to the cross.

    she spoke about fear, small fears, on if she would be taken from this earth. she said God's response has been, "Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose again." this is the answer to death. it was defeated. she has been given life.

the gospel redeems our everyday moments. the smallest decisions. the unseen upsets. the sin of the heart.

the gospel redeems our tragic seasons. the sickness. the ache. the death. the despair. 

it covers all areas of life. 

her testimony brings hope and joy to my heart. He is making all things new, even now, and ultimately will set all that is wrong right on His great return. 

He is good, my friends, so very very good.


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we would love to hear your stories on how the Lord is revealing His gospel in your home. either leave a link below to your personal post, or share a photograph on instagram with a few sentences how the Lord has been teaching them about the gospel in your home. make sure to use the hashtag #thegospelinherhome

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