and to clarify on my previous post...

having a beautiful home or a style that you feel represents you or being creative in any arena is no way IN ITSELF wrong. how silly would that be? i love to make my home a reflection of me and i want to sew my kids cute clothes and i want to be an extraordinary chef. :)

the point i was making isn't if we do or do not do those things - it is the motivation behind them. Why do we do them?

the line i find so cloudy, so often, is my success as a woman, as a wife, and as a human is not found in all these things that are listed. i am not defined by them. i am successful because I am loved by God and a lover of Him. i am interesting, favored, beautiful, etc. etc. etc because of the latter statement, not the former.

the other question I have to ask myself is, "Am i balancing my energies on this or that with the development of my heart in love towards the Lord?" Where my treasure is there my heart is also. Where my time goes, to that I am giving my life to. I am prone to spiritual boredom, and I find it the most apparent when browsing super cool blogs is more fascinating to me than encountering the Lord in the Word. These days come more than I'd ever want to admit. In those moments I see the invitation to draw on a fountain that never runs dry... and to confess my poverty in spirit... and to ask God to reveal GOD to my heart. This is my greatest thrill and my greatest adventure. This fulfills all these longings to be beautiful and creative and what not.

So the pointing was inward and not outward. My own weakness was the reason I wrote.

With love!


  1. "i am successful because i am loved by God and a lover of Him. i am interesting, favored, beautiful, etc. etc. because of the latter statement.."

    i love that. so good.

    our decision for me to stay home with our children (one out and walking, one still in and cooking:) has brought this up so much for me. we cut our bank account in half and while God has provided SO MUCH, i am not able to do as much with my home and i find that i imagine people watching us and thinking how unsuccessful we must be in the world's eyes.

    and i have to keep telling myself: i am loved. God loves what i am doing. and maybe more importantly, GOd loves us while we are doing this, yes... but it isn't because of this that we are loved.


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