today while at work, i listened to one of the best sermons for my heart in this season.
it's from the series by mike bickle on the life of david:
5 Prophetic Seasons in David's Training

i wish i could recap well, but just listen to it.
such vision cast for such mundane, boring seasons.

as i find myself in now.

- i bought my first maternity clothes yesterday.
 - "what God has joined together, let no man separate. remove everything that hinders, let no sin get in the way."
- i've become addicted to TV via the internet since I became pregnant, and too tired to do anything productive. it's so dumb! and i hate it. and i want to stop. (we don't even own a TV for this precise reason)
- i am reading the most incredible and well written book on apologetics by Chuck Colson titled "The Faith"
- i've also become a pathetic housewife lately. please don't walk into my home.

well, that's all for now.
i think i should go reread old prophecies and remember what He's said.

love, t.

ps. here's a shapshot of the two lovers who graced our home a couple weekends ago and the bff skyping.


  1. i'm going to go ahead and stand with you on the "pathetic house wife" deal. totally me these days, too. super frustrating.

  2. lol you already bought maternity clothes! precious. Get a pair of jeans because I was in mine around 11 weeks because I felt so bloated. They rock.

  3. oh i wish that i could have seen themmmmmmmmmmmmm.


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