i've been terrible at posting.
mostly because there is a little child in my stomach the size of a pea
sucking all my energy from my body and making me want to throw up every 30 seconds.


it's an exciting, thrilling adventure.
this thing called life.

and the other day as i sat and thought about what lie ahead...
baby, and ricky, and usd graduations, and moving?, and eventually the tearing down of one kingdom to bring in an everlasting one,
i heard the Holy Spirit whisper to me, so tenderly,
"motherhood is a great invitation unto full preparation. it is here you learn to die to yourself, and count it all as loss."

i will go my way up the mountain of myrrh and the hill of frankincense.
for me, He says, this is my way.

how joyfully i bow to His leadership.
let's see how this all works for our good. 
because we love Him.
we do.

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