- i'm not very photogenic. i mean, my faces? my expressions? any angle but straight on is terrifying!
- i ate way too many pastries today and i haven't eaten a pastry since like 2005 or something like that. (not helping point #1 i'm sure)
- my heart is encouraged by the life of david, STILL. that man made some SERIOUS mistakes and it is still said of him in Acts that he did "the full will of God." Oh man, our Father is merciful!
- i am super excited for Easter. Why? because Jesus rose again and i have hope!
- counting down the days until ricky has a normal life. about 60 more days or so!
- days move forward, and i still would drop everything and move to ihop. i just LOVE that community - and it keeps growing! no fair!
- i need discipline in my spiritual life as of late, and i feel all flabby in the heart because i can't fast. Lord, open my eyes!



  1. treat your self to pastries.
    it's the only time you should do it and not feel so guilty!!

    also: RAMSES IS PRECIOUS. I love the look on his face!
    I want to kiss his little face!!

    The other day Tim and I were at a gas station and there were little kitties on the other side of this fence and they kept peaking out and I got out of the car and was saying kitttyyy! and ... I thought of you.

    love you seestar.

  2. guess who has A BLOG

  3. Alex, do you have a blog!? hahahahah


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