amos photo shoot...

So I did a pretty extensive photo shoot of Amos 2 weeks ago, trying to capture his SO adorable smile. there are few spots in my apartment with great lighting (unfortunately), but I did get this great shot... it's a little preview of the rest I'll post later.

i wish i had him dressed up a little cuter, as i'm not the hugest calvin klein fan - but this is pre-poop. amos is a man of clockwork and does his business at approximately 11:15 every morning. it has become quite explosive, ruining anything he's wearing. i started by dressing him in something i wasn't super fond of, knowing it wouldn't last through the afternoon - but have now resulted in wrapping him in a receiving blanket while he plays in the morning. It's easier to unwrap a poopy baby verse pulling a pooped up onesie over his head. :)

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