california dreamin'

I've had so much work to do lately! Squeezing in a design or so a week, with a little baby is WAY harder than I ever imagined. Because of this, I've dropped Amos off twice at his nina's house so I could sneak away to a coffee shop and do some real creating. It's been refreshing having some alone time, but there's this thing in me that always feels guilty when I enjoy it. I know that's craziness... but it's the first time since Amos was created in my belly that I've left him by myself (not included the couple of dates ricky and i have went on).

I do, however, return a way better mom. There's something about being re-ignited with solitude that makes us better with and for people. I remember Henri Nouwen discussing that in his book "Clowning in Rome." How solitude benefits community. Without solitude we are shallow people with nothing to offer those around us. With it, we acquire depth of heart and thought which leads to greater and more meaningful relationships.

I think it all ties into having a spirit of Mary over Martha. When we take the time out, even when our schedule tells us there is no room and no time for such things, we produce greater results. It's the law of weakness. Voluntary weakness (fasting time and duty) leads to supernatural strength.

I was talking about working to say that WHILE working I had to go through a delete TONS of stuff on Ricky's laptop to make room for some new files. In it, I was getting a little nostalgic and wanted to share...

these are some photographs from my first trip to California. It was about 2 months before I met Ricky... and actually is was 3 years ago from this week.

it was such a magical land to me, and now i live here!


  1. I remember that cat!
    But I don't remember you liking LA? ;)

  2. i liked laguna beach!!!!! i did not like LA, that's for sure! ;)


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