a sunday afternoon in coronado

on Sunday Ricky, Amos and I decided to drive to a little island off the coast of downtown called Coronado. It's super sweet, and has a real small town feel. It was a super grey and dreary day, which is VERY unusual for southern California so we decided to seize the beauty of it all. Grey skies always make me miss home, and the rain that came in the evening topped the whole thing off.

The wheel on our stroller went flat, so we stopped at a local bike shop to air it up. Amos decided to sleep through the entire ordeal.

After an hour or so we went to Starbucks to get a drink because it was honestly getting chilly... I have become such a weather baby living here.

Then we strolled back to our car. It was such a refreshing walk, and Amos slept through the entire island experience!

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