the real valentine's day...

On the Sunday before Valentine's day Ricky took me on the best date I have EVER BEEN ON. We got everything ready in the morning and dropped off Amos at his grandparent's house. We took our sad beach cruisers (road bikes would have been WAY better) and rode them from Imperial Beach to Coronado Island and back. Imperial Beach is the most southern beach in California before you reach Mexico, and Coronado is a small community island. It was a 18 mile bike ride (don't quote me, but I'm too lazy to google the exact mileage), and it was sooo intense, but so fun! We rode along the ocean and along the bay. The weather was gorgeous, and it felt good to work out. I hadn't done that much since I got pregnant!

For dinner, we watched the sunset, sat on the pier, and at the packed lunch I'd made. Nothing fancy - just some sandwhiches, salad, and fruit. Without Amos, I felt like we were newlyweds again!!!

After the dinner, we drove to Coronado, since we had ended up back at Imperial Beach. We got some coffee at Starbucks and just dreamed about the next year. What we wanted for our family and for our hearts. 

I am so thankful for my husband. Marriage is such hard work, but so rewarding (and sanctifying!). 

Here's to another year of love!

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