dressed up day.

so 2 weekends ago was my mother-in-law's bday bash. i did a little update showing pictures of the family at the top of the hyatt hotel downtown. anyways, that morning i spent a lot of time getting amos all dressed up for the BIG EVENT. after he was ready to go, i took some pictures to show him off. notice that i haven't even barely begun to get ready and am featured in my robe. ai ai ai.

finally he got pretty fed up with all this picture taking...

and then finally, probably the best shot we got:


and of course some awkward personal photobooth pictures to show mama i'm still alive, and to introduce to the world mr. V, my glorious gift from this girl.


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  1. you look sooo pretty tiff. i love your hair. yes, let's skype sooooon!! umm. i'm free friday evening. or next week!!


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