iphone travels.

i have SO much work to do. SO MUCH. orders coming in, people to respond to, sketches to make and scan and livetrace and manipulate and create. i am so thankful, i just don't know when i am going to get all this time! for now it's staying up in my rocking chair with my laptop while boy #1 and boy #2 sleep.

but, before i really get going i want to share a little of my monday.

this is amos and i this morning. i'm not sure why he look so solemn, because he was having the time of his life earlier today. we don't have a tv in our house, so the only time he gets such a treat is at his grandma's house - but today i had a lot of things to get done around the house so after he got fed-up with his toy gym, his bouncer, and his swing - i returned him to his toy gym and pulled up yo gabba gabba on the computer. he was having the time of his life. i heard it's not good to let children under 1 watch TV, something about brain development - but i figured a 30 minute treat couldn't hurt much. Plus, brain development has to be easier in a clean home - so it was a fair trade.

later on we went for a drive to target and the near mall. mostly for some fresh air because it was gorgeous out - 79 degrees!!! on our way to the park he fell asleep, so i got some real solid reading time in the fresh air. when i peeked on him under his blanket he was hanging on for dear life!

while he napped i was able to drink deep. oh thank God for john piper and the Word of God!

"I shall not be fool enough to suppose that trouble and pain are wholly evil parentheses in my existence, but just as likely ladders to be climbed toward moral and spiritual (wo)manhood." - john pipers professor Clyde Kilby listing his life resolutions.

When Ricky got home we ate dinner. I attempted pork for the first time in my life - as pork loin is his favorite (yuck!) - so I got some apple and walnut stuffed pork loins at trader joes and roasted them. We had that with a delicious couscous and sweet corn salad. It was SO DELICIOUS.

After that we headed to the mall so Ricky could spend his Christmas gift cards.

Here we are in JCrew... which is ironic, because we can't afford JCrew. But hey, a couple can dream, huh?

So that's my day. It ended with Ricky giving Amos a bath, and then Amos BELLY LAUGHING HIS HEART OUT as I sang to him about his bath time. I have a video - but there's no time for that tonight. Now, off to design!!!


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  1. praise God for a life filled with wonder.

    I have been reading and re-reading those "resolutions to mental health" too!!


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