and now he crawls...

Amos with Dad

So while Grandma was here, Amos finally decided to grace us with his crawling skills. So now my baby is mobile. Fully mobile. It's so insane to me, and I can't believe he's ending his first year. This is the last quarter of our first year together - and I want to suck up every moment I can.

These pictures were taken a couple weeks ago while we were visiting Ricky's extended family in Hanford, California. I wanted to document his last little moments of being a sitter (and a scooter, and crawler backwards) - since now he's standing and crawling and soon enough running around like a crazy boy.

i love him. i love him. i love him. My heart explodes as he takes his morning nap and I want to cling to him forever, but the beauty of motherhood is the raising up and letting go. i'm going to need God's grace - I can already feel it.

>photo 3
Amos cracking up
He's laughing here - really really hard.

amos with joy almondsAmos
Amos in grassAmos in grass 2


  1. i love HIM SO MUCH
    Lets skype tomorrow so Amos can show off his new moves for auntie alex!


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