new times. new times indeed.

my heart has been in the strangest place lately. i am trying to emotionally amp up for ricky's start of graduate school in a couple of weeks. he will be back to 7AM-9:30 PM days, with weekends filled with homework, reading, and projects. i know this is wisdom for us, and he really is in the midst of the Lord's journey for him (for us)... but i'm trying to mentally plan out how i'll pass my time.

before Amos, i would jump at the opportunity of solitude. long hours in coffee shops reading and studying. afternoons worshiping on my piano. writing and creating. late nights in prayer meetings.

now, as a mother, i have to relearn how to embrace these "alone" times (which really aren't that alone). it's Amos and I. long days of discovering how to invest our time wisely. knowing this season really is a gift to be seized, and not a trial to overcome.

so Lord, what should the next 4 semesters look like for this little boy and I? what do you have for us? i am confident in Your leadership. Your sovereignty is beautiful. Your will is a delight. usher us into Your presence and make the Word come alive. may all else fade away, as Your face shines on.

we are Yours, and these long days to come, in our small one bedroom apartment, in this busy west coast city - these days are for Your making.

so make them into something beautiful.


  1. Hi Tiffany,
    My name is Steena - I am Adam Brown's wife. I love reading your blog as I am a mom of a now 8 month old little guy as well. Too bad we live almost coasts apart as I'm sure Viggo would love to help Amos pass some time ;) This is such a challenging age. Not quite old enough to do real activities, crafts, or games and always frustrated about teeth or their inability to walk! I hope that the LORD will give you direction with your time as I'm sure it will be a time of growth and learning for you as well as your hubby!

  2. Tiffany, I love this post. I see and hear in it both the challenge and the amazing opportunity. I'm excited to see it unfold for you in a truly God-breathed way. I'll be praying inspiration for establishing enjoyable rhythms with your time. I will be developing new rhythms too now that Isaac starts kindergarten. I get stressed out whenever I try more rigid schedules but rhythm, flow, and loose routines are good and bless me rather than stressing me : )


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