busy weekends with blue burritos.

i'm not having the greatest of days. i feel a little behind and unorganized with so many things! whenever i check out for a weekend, and actually live my weekend out - Monday hits and i think to myself, "OH NO! I'm so behind."

Oh, isn't life just an unending list? Oh well. In the midst, the Lord still loves me and is calling my name.

Last week Amos and I had a rather successful trip to the thrift store. I found this shirt and sported it with my jeans for my thinnest of thin days pre-baby. YES! It's true! I fit in my nice quality J-Brand jeans!!! I've fit in them for a little while, but not "comfortably." It's pretty exciting. I gave myself a gracious 9 months to return to my old size, and even though I've been at my old weight for awhile - the stomach takes a little longer. I really didn't do much working out, besides carrying around a 25 lb baby. I think I owe most of it to nursing (day and night still), cutting out dairy for Amos' ear infections, and re-watching Food Inc. which gave me a greater disdain for eating out... because it's hard to enjoy a meal you know is full of hormones, antibiotics, and a whole array of chemicals. So thanks Food Inc. for grossing me out with everything!!!


That's my lovely grandma shirt and my bow from this shop.

The weekend was lovely, despite the tasks piling up. On Friday we lead our prayer meeting at JHOP. Our band is coming together - and I'm enjoying leading worship more and more. Even though we are singing before an audience of one - LITERALLY, it's a beautiful thing.

On Saturday we went to a barbeque with our church and swam. Amos is a little fishy, and he sits in his blow up baby boat that his grandmother bought him and swims around all by himself. It's so crazy to me how big he is getting. I know I say it every post - but it really is astounding. Afterwards, we went to the nighttime zoo and watched all the animals come to life. We've started doing this pretty often because we have passes and the crowd dies down. It's cool weather, and we visit the lions every time. They are up and prowling, and are about 2 feet from us. Literally.

On Sunday, we woke up early and ate breakfast in our old neighborhood - and then spent time in our home relaxing, cleaning, and reading. Afterwards we headed to church.

Here's some more iPhone snapshots.


thanks to instagram.

that's Amos rolled up like a burrito because it gets a little chilly in the evenings here.

well i hope everyone's Monday is lovely! we have a giveaway this month - so be looking forward to that. please don't hesitate to stop by and say hi. i love meeting readers and would love to see where you come from (if you have a blog, of course!).


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  1. I love you
    I love your baby
    I love your husband
    I love your doonermama
    I love DREAMMMING of being neighbs with you someday and thrifting together, eating healthy together, and raising little prophets together.

    love you tiffy


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