2 year anniversary

so yesterday was our 2 year anniversary. i was so busy having an incredible day, that i forgot to announce it. my mom was in town over the weekend so we are leaving the REAL celebration for next weekend, but yesterday morning we did sneak away for a bit.

ricky woke me up early and surprised me with a drive to whole foods where we picked up some coffee and chai - plus some fresh fruit. then we drove north to our ceremony site for some good memories. we ate right where we took our vows and talked about the highlights (and hardships) of our first 2 years.

our highlight: finding out we are having a baby and then meeting him for the first time
our favorite part of marriage: the comfort of companionship that will never go away

praise God for His grace in marriage. we just love it.

i know i don't look happy in any of these pictures, but i assure you i am. it was just verrrry early. :)


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  1. 1. SUCH a cute sweater. 2. i WANT YOUR HAIR!! 3. so happy for you and ricky. 2 yearsssss, so lovely. marriage is SUUUUUCH A GIFT!!! a RIDICULOUSLY sweet gift.
    i love youuuu!!

  2. these are awesome pictures! your hair is beautiful. happy (belated) anniversary :)


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