i love you, dooner babe.


okay. so my mom. she is incredible. i am so blessed. amos is so blessed. i can't praise the Lord enough for a woman who walks with such a giving heart, poverty of spirit, and hunger for more of the Lord and more of His presence in her life. she's a fighter - and the banner over her life is endurance in this race.

there were so many precious moments this weekend watching her be with Amos. she would tell him about Jesus, while sitting on the floor with him and kissing his little forehead.

i love her.

here are some moments from our weekend. many of these are from seaport village downtown during sunset.

new camera strapsan diego summer eveningswindow washign time
ode to mom
in honor of my mom and her odd love of san diego trees.
portraitsbirdsgma time

and a dinner with sharaya...

sharayasalad timelettuce 

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  1. Your mom is wonderful! I wish that she lived here... then I could tell her all about my new adventures! I love when moms gush with you about these sorts of things.


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