Amos' Birthday Video!!!

i have been eagerly awaiting posting this video of Amos' first birthday. he already seems eons older, even though he's only 15 months. 3 months is so much in toddler years.

what a beautiful memory of such a happy day celebrating with those we love and love us. i'm so thankful to the Lord for His goodness!

Happy Birthday Our Dear Boy. Thank you for ushering in the best year of our lives. Hallelujah to the Creator for life!

Love, Your Mamma and Dadda.

Song One: Hooray It's My Birthday by Rabbit
Song Two: You Cannot Lose My Lov

Created and Edited by Tio Michael Muniz

all the thanks to my brother-in-law Michael, and Amos' Tio for taking time out of his busy life as a video editer and dad to create such a great gift. all the footage is taken by him.

(pssss... if you are in the southern cali area, he does videos. weddings! birthdays! and more. shoot me an email if you ever need the work! He also did amos' birth video. Check out more of his videos here.)

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