the honest company /// a post for moms.

[caution! this is a post solely for moms. everyone else probably won't care.]

i've been eager to write this post for some time now. if you were like me as a new mom, you had so many choices for so many different things for your baby. Cribs, swings, bedding, carseats, and the most nitty gritty details: diapers. i was drawn to cloth diapering, because of it's benefits for baby, but knew it was pretty impractical being we lived in an apartment with neither a washer or dryer.

so when amos was born i tried it all: target, hugs, huggies, luvs, etc. - and finally settled into huggies only because it was the cheapest from costco. i knew it wasn't the safest choice for amos, but it was what i went back to time and again.

i have no problem with huggies. i have no problem with any diapers - as long as they hold the stuff where it's suppose to be held until i can come change it. but that's not to say i don't love when a BETTER and affordable choice comes along.

my friend brittany introduced me to this wonderful company, and i am now such a strong advocate for what they do and who they are.

introducing: the honest company

the honest company offers natural and non-toxic diapers and essentials, shipped right to your doorstep. the diapers are SO cute, and if you sign-up now they will include wipes into your monthly membership for free. each month you decide which styles of diapers you'd like to have, and they will send you a months supply. i love this idea, because having stuff come to me makes my life WAY easier.

not only do they have a diaper/wipes line, but they also have a family essentials bundle that can come to you every month. this bundle can be swapped out for any household items you are needing at that time. some of them include: dish soap, laundry detergent, bubble bath, baby shampoo and body wash, baby lotion, healing balm, hand sanitizer and more! all natural, all non-toxic, and all packaged wonderfully. 

you can start off with samples here of both their diapers/wipes and family essentials. it's totally free, and so fun to receive these little shoe boxes of love in the mail!

whenever you begin your membership you set up a nursery for each of your children choosing which diaper styles and family products you want shipped to you that month.

every product i have used so far - i love! the diapers hold well and stay together. the wipes get the job done. the shampoo and body soap smells like a dreamsicle and leaves amos' hair soft and clean. (if you've experimented with natural shampoos, you know sometimes they'll leave hair dry and brittle). the detergent cleans well. and every other product is effective (and safe!).

amos' cute diapers. i'm not sure how i feel yet about the skulls, but the others are cute - white is available too!
my first set of family essentials minus the healing balm (for rashes, etc.)
you can imagine how excited i was when i received my two huge boxes of goods in the mail. there is something about a package waiting for you, and spending time going to the park rather than conquering a random trip to costco or target to get diapers or detergent.

what can i say? they won me over!


so listen, the honest company gives me nothing for saying these things. i'm just so happy with the results. together for both i pay $115.00 with free shipping and handling a month. i can even spread out my shipping date on both packages if i get low on cash or seem to have diapers or household goods left over. you can look at a price compare here to see how these totals stand up to the rest of the market (total: what you'd pay for diapers, wipes, detergent, etc. in a month + time and gas!).

i love these two info-graphics that show what's in regular disposable diapers, household cleaners and baby bath products.

anyways! i'd suggest all mom's at least try the free trial - even if you don't want to commit to the membership. (free stuff is fun!)

check out this video. [let me remind you - if you buy huggies or whatever, i don't think you aren't giving the best to your children. i did it with amos for over a year of his life. we do what we can and what works and what we can afford. i just wanted to post this to present another option to mother's - one i feel is unique to the essential buying experience.]

anyone else have products they use and love for baby and for the home?

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