super cute baby amos videos.

so the main reason for the existence of this blog is to keep a little journal/scrapbook of sorts to remember the growing up of my little ones and the joys (trials, lessons, moments) of this season. i found some random video clips of amos before he turned 2... some before he even turned one.

it's crazy, really, i can't even remember him not being able to articulate his thoughts. rolling around on the ground all chubby, pre-crawling. sitting with his toys, pre-walking. and those one word moments. it seems ages ago.

i now have a little boy (who refers to himself as a very, very big boy) - and his babyness is long gone. have they told you it goes super fast? because, GUYS!, it GOES SO FAST. they are non-walkers for 8 or 9 months, to forever walk... forever move on their own and be dependent on themselves. they are non-talkers for a year or 2, to then enter full conversation and understand the words/sentences they overhear, forming their thoughts and ideas. they nurse for 1, 2, 3 years? they cuddle for who knows how long, to then become grown men, grown women cuddling their own. this is just CRAZY.

i want to freeze lucia and keep a baby version of her forever. but then still let the other version (i don't know, this is weird...) to also see her form her own personality, her own dreams, her own little journey. i want the baby and the girl. but the baby is just a quick little flash, here today, gone tomorrow.

this parenting thing is just nuts. nuts. the them growing up, inching further and further from you - NUTS NUTS NUTS. i can't handle it.

but for now, i'll reminisce on these ridiculously long clips of super fatso baby amos, and try not to cry.

Amos Various from Tiffany Valdez on Vimeo.

Amos as a fat baby from Tiffany Valdez on Vimeo.


  1. tiff, these are great!! i think amos is about annie's age in the second one...seems like it was just yesterday that he was that small!!! also, he was sooo early to talk!! (not surprised!) and you and ricky are just the sweetest parents!!!! tiff, did you take those videos with your iphone?? if so, how did you get them into one video?? i need to make these often, and i want videos longer than vine offers. you can reply on here when you get a chnace, i'll try to check back. love youuuu.

    also, your pictures of the tenery's are just gorgeous!!!!!

    1. Brit! i took them on my iphone and then used imovie to put them together on my mac. i agree, vine is fun but it doesn't document super well. i can't imagine if i had only gotten 6 second clips of him at that age! that's all i have now!!!! now he is sooo grown up! :*(


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