hooray!!! [amos' vision of jesus and other happy things]

tonight, after we read a story about Jesus letting all the children come and sit with Him - I reminded Amos that Jesus loves him and wants to talk to him and show him things. I said, "Let's close our eyes and ask Jesus to show us something. Sometimes we have to wait for a little bit, but Jesus' promises to reveal Himself to those who ask!" 

and so we did, him and i lying in his little toddler bed, huddled close - we closed our eyes and asked Jesus to show us things. 

Amos was quiet for a bit, eyes shut tight. I finally asked him, "Did you see anything" and i waited for him to answer.

He opened his eyes wide and said, "Yes! I saw Jesus cleaning up my toys!" 

"You did?" I asked in wonderment at the sweet and simple revelation of Jesus, "You know, Jesus is a servant. If He came over, I'm sure He would joyfully pick up your toys!" 

and then he said... 

"I saw Him vacuuming too!"


- LOVE the app "vine" on iphone. my name is above (@tiffany__dawn) and i take an unruly amount of little snippets of amos and lucia. amos' crack me up, because his little conversations are so endearing. they are just 6 second clips of our little lives. you should check out the app!!!

- i'm also doing a giveaway over on the instagram (@tiffany__Dawn). follow me to learn how you can win a pair of earrings for both you and a friend from burdees etsy shop.

- enjoying designing for the Giving Keys. check out the founder Caitlin Crosby's Ted Talk where she talks (and sings!) about the journey of the company.

- bbq grill was a greattttt home purchase, especially in san diego where the weather is bar-b-queable (a word?) 98% of the time.

off to sleep, and back to the week.
may you feel the Lord's servant heart for you over the coming days. ;)

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