this is love.

our God is love. yes, love. a love so unchanging, so unrelenting, so jealous, so clear, so beautiful.
and our tastes are small. so small. flashes, so fast, it leaves us in longing.

we do not understand the passion that would lead a God to die. lead a God to walk in the dirt, embrace the leper, wash our fickle feet and lock the cage of the human frame - forever embodied as a man like us. so He could love us fully. so He could love us well. so He could suffer and rise to give us entrance into forever.

His love reaches the man without a home. the women ashamed. the fatherless. the motherless. the lonely. the prideful. the angry and the lost.

His love reaches the homosexual. the intellect. the down syndrome daughter. the autistic son. the artist. the "enlightened". the perfectionist. the weary mother. the workaholic father. the socially awkward. the democrat. the republican. the orphan and the kings.

His love can find us when we are hiding, when we are shaking our fists at a Creator, when we are killing and wounding and destroying.

He is a Redeemer. He is living, roaring, singing, and dancing wildly while being so deeply involved in humanities destiny - in it's great and small dealings. He is King. He is King. He is God.

and so today, remember, He loves you. He loves you and all that comes with you. Your oddities, your secrets, your dreams, and your pain. Though you cannot see Him, He is there - beckoning Your heart to call on His name, to ask Him to save you - because He will. He's like that, never turning away a soul, making all things beautiful. He's just that good.

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