the tenery family, the beach, and the family of God

the beautiful Tenery family came to visit this weekend. we took their daughter Shiloh to see the big ocean and amos got to run around fully clothed in the sand and waves.

i am so thankful for ones i have known for many years (i've known kyle for about 8, and ricky has known maria for 10!) and i have been able to watch them grow in God and remain steadfast by His grace. it's such an encouraging thing - the family of God! they are some of the most dedicated, brave, true and steady people i have encountered. they love the Word, God's people, and proclaim the gospel with such boldness.

and their daughter is just PURE joy and delight. such a honor to spend the time we did with them.

photo 2
photo 4
Shiloh is a little unsure about the big waves...

feeling sand for the first time
the beautiful tenery family. 
photo 1
asleep on her momma...

photo 5
amos finally comfortable in the ocean this season. takes a couple beach trips each summer for him to warm up to it.

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