lucia mercy @ 3 months old (almost!)

my beautiful baby girl is almost 3 months old. she's very vocal, and let's me know when she wants me to slow down and hold her. she loves to be swaddled, rocked with her pacifier for naps. and nurses in the bed to sleep for the night. she smiles, giggles, and loves watching her brother play. she's endured some amos rowdy play rather well, and i think she's going to be a tough cookie.

she immediately naps when put in the ergo, and still hates the carseat/car rides - unless i'm singing. and she will go down for naps by the end of the song if i sing "part of this world" (no joke - not sure how i discovered this) from the little mermaid. it's her magical tune. that and "Hosanna, to the Lamb that was slain," and old Hillsong classic i've been singing to both my kids since they were born.

she can hold toys, kind of unintentionally - and grab her hanging toys. she eats her blanket and the bottom of her dress if she has one on. she sometimes catches glances of her hands or feet and stares at them in wonder.

she loves tummy town on her dad's chest, and the mirror on her play gym. she's strong! and she is such a sweet delight to me. i'm so overjoyed to be a mother to a daughter.

sleeps sometimes in swing, sometimes in bed, sometimes in moses basket, and sometimes swaddled. pretty versatile

a new trick. ;)

carseat entertainment because she's certainly not a fan.
out to eat.

amos at 3 months old.


  1. Look at those wee cheeks! What a gorgeous girl.

  2. She is so adorable! Those chubby and cute cheeks are worth squishing. Treasure these moments!


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