photobooth with the dooner babe.

Mama Mia is in town - and you know what that means!!!!! PHOTOBOOTH! I LOVE HER!!!! We have had some great times swimming with Amos, walking the beach (photo and pictures to come soon), talking, going to the prayer room, walking the shops, visiting Target, going to breakfast, eating some delish Mexican food - and being together. I am so happy when she is here - I can't think about the fact it only get to happen a couple times a year.

Family is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Sorry the amount of pictures is so excessive - but it's for memories sake.


  1. you are so beautiful! loving the stripes :)

  2. ahaha, photobooth is perfect for times like those! How fun!
    basically lovin' all the pictures on your blog-keep it up!

  3. I love that mom's face never changes hahahahaha.
    I love youu!!
    I am so ready for mama to be home.


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