the Day of His beckoning

She came home from a long, weary day with an invitation awaiting her -
perched upon her pillowcase - the letters weaved in with gold and silver,
written in a language her mind comprehends, but the words formed more
than mere syllables - something of their message caused her spirit to sing
a melody ancient yet fresh to her heart.
"To Beloved Rose..." it began, and even the mere mention of her name caused her soul to leap.

It was Him.

She had been waiting for Him to call her up, invite her in... to remove Himself
once again from the cloud of unknowing He had been dwelling in that she had grown familiar with but refused to call finality.

She had been waiting... longing...
desiring His coming...

With a trembling heart of expectation, she hurriedly prepared and crawled under her white woolen blanket to rest and wait until the hands on her clock reached the time entitled, "The Hour Of Her Visitation".

For there was nothing much she could do but wait. but rest. but trust He'd come.

And as she lied there, she began to recount Him from all the times before. She began to remember His love and the moments she had heard Him speak. These times had ruined her for all sun-scorched delights her simple life offered - for the transcendent tastes left upon her tongue, heavenly melodies stuck in her head, pleasing fragrance lingering upon her dress had driven her to what some would call madness. Since then she had been consumed with one thing, which confused many of her companions, for little Rose had become a new woman walking upon earth but living from some other place.

And it was true, all she wanted was to be with Him again - to gaze upon His glorious face one more time. She knew, with all her being, that with Him there was life and through Him love was originated.

As her mind traveled through the moments of yesterday her eyes became heavy...


Suddenly, she was awakened from her unexpected slumber. Feeling somewhat ashamed for falling asleep in the hour she was to watch, she gasped in fear of having missed Him. Picking up her clock on her bedside she peered into the face as the hands whirled and twirled in madness, and instantly her heart began to whirl and twirl along with the time. "What is happening?" she whispered to herself.

Before she could finish the thought, her heavy, wooden door flung open and banged loudly against her bedroom wall. Still a little muffled from just awakening, Rose was easily startled by the sudden sound. Throwing the clock upon her bed, she arose to see what had caused the commotion. Instead of her normal hallway with it's normal wallpaper and normal doors - she found herself gazing upon a humble little path leading into a dense, wooded forest. At the beginning sat a little wooden sign with the words, "The Pursuit of the Knowledge of Him Whom You Seek."

Within her belly traveling up to her heart, where His voice so often echoed, she heard Him say, "Follow."

And so small and eager Rose began to move forward, one step at a time...