denver chronicles [8] // downtown with the parkers


i know, i know - the denver chronicles... will they ever end?! Well, i actually still have a couple more posts. the main reason i do it is for my keepsake. i'm less liking to scroll through 500 denver iphone pictures / canon pictures - and a lot more likely to click through my blog in a couple years... (or more).

therefore, yes, yes. they keep on coming.

and this is showcasing the beautiful downtown denver and our pleasant evening with the parkers.

nom nom nom.

parkers = <3VALDEZ(es)?

life is sweet. yes, yes it is. :)


happy ode to the harvest / pumpkins / memories / and buck teeth.

me in our family kitchen at 5 years old? maybe?

so we aren't big Halloween folks (actually, not at all)... i'm not a huge fan of the "holiday" and neither is ricky. it creeps me out on multiple levels... and i'm trying to get rid of my old obsession with high-fructose corn syrup induced packaged sugar doses.

as i was going through my childhood pictures to remember what my precious mother has dressed me up as i stumbled upon some pretty hilarious, autumn memories.

I am obviously so pumped that I won honorable mention for the pumpkin my mom OBVIOUSLY decorated.
Though it looks like I am trying to take over the classroom with my overwhelming choleric personality, I think I am just singing along some halloween song with my clown teacher.
that's me and my precious dad. i think i repeated this glorious ball gown costume multiple times.
Princess and crazy, manic clown?
this one is a winner. :)
and we can't forget the awkward years. 3rd grade and 5th grade. remember those awesome brown sandals everyone sported?

and so, yes, i do LOVE fall. and pumpkins, leaves, crisp weather, etc. and of course - dressing up (as featured above). it's hilarious. always. every time. therefore, little amos was able to transform into a zebra baby and go to a kid costume party.

I spy a dino and a zebra having a chat.
IMG_5555IMG_5551IMG_555264 I amos showing off his little baby buck teeth.


and this is when he reached his zebra limit. :)

and if you ever wondered where amos got his chubby cheeks and awesomely large, baby buck teeth (seen above) - here's the answer:

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denver chronicles [7] // i love tara

you thought i was done with posting from denver (almost 2 months ago!!!) - but i'm not.
i haven't even introduced my beautiful, BEAUTIFUL cousin tara and her husband brandon - the original denver residence.

IMG_5257 nightout

my cousins mom is my mom's best friend. i grew up wearing her hand-me-down - bedazzled shirts and bobby socks. we wore side ponies. obsessed over taylor hanson. stayed up until the wee hours of the morning making home videos of us literally laughing at each other. we snuck off during thanksgiving family lunches. we talked about boys (for hourrrrrrrrs and hourrrrrrs) and life. we roadtripped to colorado many of times. and she stood beside me and i her on our wedding days.

she's like a sister to me. she's full of life and has a great (one of my faves) man by her side. she's a dedicated teacher, a faithful wife, and the greatest cousin the Lord could give a girl.

i was so happy to spend time with her while in denver. i wish i had gotten more pictures of her home. she has the most beautiful modern and classy style. maybe next time.


one of the first evenings we were there brandon grilled some hamburgers for us and we hung out in their apartment's courtyard. amos, who now yells "dog! dog!" every time he sees one - LOVED tulo.

IMG_5249IMG_5221IMG_5234IMG_5232 copyIMG_5242IMG_5243IMG_5266 copyIMG_5248IMG_5268IMG_5217IMG_5211
IMG_5277 copy 

over the weekend we went out with her and brandon to downtown denver. it was a great dinner, and then we walked over the river to a popular icecream spot: little man ice cream.


here's a picture of denver this evening from a friend's phone. such a beautiful city.

summer nights with babies on our back.

amos in our organic ergo baby carrier. LOVE IT.

Amos loves to be carried - especially on his dad. They are a great team together. :)