this is me waiting around to go to my hundredth doctor's appointment in the last 3 weeks.
i've become a regular.
who woulda thought.

that's my husband, who came home for lunch to eat a pb&j sandwhich
taking a mighty snooze on our antique, dark green couch.

praying my levels are up, as symptoms are back...
i'm already getting better at this updating thing!!!!


blessed be the name of the Lord.

ricky v.


so i'm obviously the most horrific blogger.
maybe now that i'm officially off work, and officially into
"stay at home mom" mode (minus child)
i'll become a little more successful.

updates are:
my precious little amos is due on monday!
(though my hospital calculated wednesday, but oh well to that)
there has been much drama surrounding these last 3 weeks of pregnancy.

i broke out in a horrific all over body rash, that was lending me 1-2 hours of sleep a night.
i was diagnosed with a condition that has terrifying side effects for baby.
talk of induction at 38 and 39 weeks was in the air...

it was ROUGH.

but thankfully, all has settled, prayers have been heard, and the pregnancy train is back to normal.
baby can come on his own time (before 42 weeks of course)
and i can mentally gear up to have this baby (pain med free!!!)

i've been enjoying life with my husband more than i ever ever have.
even if i'm the size of a whale, and i waddle next to him as we make our weekly trips to target and ikea,
as we pass time by doing this and that, talking about what we think parenthood will be like.

i think pregnancy is one of the greatest gifts a marriage can be given.
two lives, joined together, begetting life. it's like the trinity.
their love and fellowship - their oneness - produced life... US!
it's in our DNA and it's so satisfying.

i mean, don't get me wrong, our first year of marriage was unforgettable.
but there is a sweetness that can only come in giving over yourself, your time,
even a little bit of your dreams to raise up someone whose life will go past your own.

i'm sure mothering and fathering will increase the joy of marriage even more.

and so we may not get to backpack europe,
and so my body may never look as it did pre-baby (it's a truth),
and maybe our evenings will turn to less about us and more about someone else.

but isn't that ministry? isn't that the gospel?

i read a PERFECTLY dictated blog about adoption (and children in general)
you can find it here.
he states it all so much better than i could myself.

to bring someone into this journey of finding Jesus...
calling on His name,
partnering with Him in these last days.

as a family.

wow, I'm so honored. so excited!

i can't wait to make more babies and adopt more babies,
and maybe team up with a house of prayer,
and continue in this thing God has given me.

that's enough for now!

here's a little pic of my big ol' belly!