6 1/2 Months. I fall more in love with him everyday. He is lunging forward, contemplating crawling - but loves sitting and playing with his toys way too much. Studies his hands, his feet, my hands, my feet, and everything else he encounters. His favorite things are milk, milk, and more milk which makes his adventures with solid food not to passionate yet. He loves new people, saying "dada" and "mama" and staring at animals. He loves hearing his voice and taking naps in the car.

Oh, this growing up this is so bittersweet.


 for the sake of avoiding a pictureless post - here are the front and back of the programs i created for tamara's wedding. i was really pleased with how the turned out - all from the vision created in tamara's head. i can't wait to get some better photographs of them, and put them on my etsy!

Man, oh man,

you can tell May was a busy month (busiest since this baby was born) because I only made 5 posts!!! and 2 of them were today.

i have so many more moments to post - and am excited because i'm going to take in all our film from the last 2 years to get developed. we'll see what jewels are hidden in there. most are from our holga, so you know there will be a lot of "not so great" shots, but i'm hoping ricky (the better with the camera) found some great framed moments.

my dad and his wife debbie are flying in from st. louis tomorrow for a couple days of california sun. i am excited that Amos will get some quality time with his grandpa. i get frustrated at the distant quite often, but these pieces of concentrated "memory making" help ease the ache.

life is still busy with life. i need to be more fierce about carving out some alone time. without it, more than anything, i become a pretty annoying wife. i thrive on quiet, head phones, lap top, paper, and in that alone time - more than anything - some real conversation with the Lord, via His Word. uhhhhh, i am such a mess without this.

and yes, i've been failing. design projects are floooooding in. great for the pocket book and even greater for the business, but all my free moments bow to deadlines and sketches. after i put amos down, and ricky sneaks to bed i'm found sitting at my desk doing projects. time at his family's house, where Amos is taken care of by everyone, i become boring tiffany - staring at my macbook pro.

on top of that i'm working in the juvenile hall monday, tuesday, and wednesday evenings - which i love so much - but adds the extra "crazy" to our time management.

company's been here. weddings are here. and in the midst of all this craziness, my heart is hungry.

hunger is a blessing, definitely, but is a bear if not satisfied. therefore, i should probably stop typing and start ceasing this morning nap with some higher biddings.


wedding dreams.

so my beautiful beebs, also formerly known as tamara altherr
has wed her beloved aaron.

it was such a beautiful wedding. probably my dream wedding if i had spent the time and energy
on my own two years ago.

beautiful backyard garden in monterey, california.
horses in a wild field behind view of them making their vows.

a beautiful hymn exalting Jesus.

personally written vows.

confetti at the kiss.

photobooths, dancing, videos, and more.

ahhhh. it was glorious.


Congratulations Aaron and Tamara! We love you so much, and are so excited for the life and future the Lord has planned for you both.

Love, the Valdezes :)



because they are JUST THAT GOOD.

because he's always been so cute.

i love you, ricky valdez, 
and happy 26th year of life.

God's been good to us.


it's the end of the world as we know it.

i heard this tale once, tall and towering,
yet somehow true...
and for its borrowing
i am here to let it out,
break the seams,
let rushing water overwhelm
infamous drought.

listen all ears
hungry for
and gold.
galatic fairytales
parables of old
hidden enigmas
never been told.

this be.

the great feeding
the mystery breeding
the beautiful shes
and the powerful hes
all in need.

for they are the broken.
they are the maimed.

and out of the heart shaped cavern of
the calvary speaks,
"whisper Oh Man of the Desert
dusty feet
a wellspring of waters
tall oak Tree.

bury my bones in the
depths of your belly.

count back down from three.

let me grow
out of your skin
and speak to these roots,
say to these anchors like lead -
that hollow evenings are about to be fed
with cement
and there we shall sink deeep deeep
the unbreakable.

make us beautiful."

and there He stands.
mighty Man of war -
the jewel of the desert
sparkling against the Saharan sun

He vies for frail affection
like a hungry village for the burnt batch of rice.
dusty frames have no delight to offer
but still He withholds, only to entice.

this King, a jar filled with blood,
is Wisdom
the alluring Flood.

sweet red wine.

"lets drink from your cup.
garnished veneer
golden studded handle
and water
and red
and tears."

this is a pining for light.
liquid illumination.

He sets people on fire.

the people's come bounding.

it's the Burning Man in the desert.

His call is resounding.

and the great eagles of the sky
peer with their one seeing eye
down into the great bowl of sand
the seemingly barren barren barren land.

and the great God of the flame
is surrounded by rusty and weathered lampstands
the shattered and lame.

but they too
are burning.

"in His river of fire,
we are illuminated."

no one is being consumed.
like moses and His bush.
forever blazing
this is the hour.

squint into the Sun.

He breathes.


a quick update.

i have not disappeared entirely!
the sea of life has just hit me with a busy hurricane.
and this too shall cease.

i visited home last week.
was able to hold, cry over, and whisper prayers for the new Fackler addition: Miss Lily.
she is the most beautiful, lady newborn I have ever beheld, and am so thankful for the life God has breathed within her little, baby lungs.
this one will sing of the glories of the King.

i had a way too short visit with the bride to be Tamara.
i am counting down the days until her incredible, totally other than, wedding.
of which i will weep, and thank God, because the weddings where you've watched the whole love affair come into existence and make it through the fire are the best.
and when it's your best friend.

i had breakfast with my beloved Seannah, who, is beautiful beyond words.
her conversation provoked my heart at the deepest levels.
she is lovesick.
she is surrendered.
she is transformed.

that my heart would beat, daily, with such wonder, gratitude, hope, and affection.

this one gazes upon the Lord. and He meets her gaze with fire.

i saw the wedding of Mr. Joshua Bocanegra.
a man, a prophet, a writer whom I've known since I just started driving.
we traveled the world together, talked through fighting demons together, and had such a wonderful, pure friendship that I am so thankful for.
he has found himself a good thing. he is steadfast before the Lord.
i wept, as always, at the entrance... because Jesus is coming for a Bride.
let us not forget.

and then i spent time with the family. more to come on this.

saw my alex, who, i daresay i may not see for a year and half!!! eeeeeeesh.

in the midst of this Amos developed a double ear infection, a horrid cough, and runny nose.

i start my new job tonight...
i'm teaching high school classes, when i, in fact, have never went to college nor obtained a degree to teach.
but i got heart.
and a miraculous certification from the county to be a teacher, as if i had some college and had some degree.
this is the faithfulness of God.
and a wonderful addition to our income (saving for a down payment on a house one day. fueling our small house of prayer. and much more)

that's all the update for now.

more to come.