typical tuesday.

today i started out super crabby,
but thankfully a couple phonecalls from ricky and
some random emails from friends cheered me up.
i love people.
the body always does heal the body.

in other news.

so i've really been into fashion lately.
maybe it's the blogs i'm reading
maybe it's because it's fashion week in newyork
whatever the reason, i'm finding cute stuff everywhere
i just love creativity!!!
in clothes, in writing, in music, in God.

and in decor! the new jerusalem will be such a beautiful place
 - full of colors and design and wonder.
 i imagine parts to be like willy wonka and parts to be like anthropologie
and parts to be like ancient rome and so forth and so on. God is so beautiful!

besides that, life is a lovely time.
i get to be with the man i love,
and while he is away thinking deep thoughts
and discussing world issues
and saving the universe with his intellect & charm,
i get to hide in books, and learn random recipes,
and write things, and dream about my life,
and go on contemplative adventures with the true Lover of my soul.
so all in all,
it is well with my soul.


thrilling thursday.

so we have a blog.
the mr. & the mrs.

i don't know how often anyone will read such a thing ....
but alas it is here, a little blanks slate,
for scrapings, and paintings, and etchings of words and thoughts
musings of allllllll sorts,

and such.
and such
and such.

may the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God…