Wheat Thins, thank you for barging RIGHT INTO MY NEIGHBORHOOD.

I was watching some whack tv show while trying to put Amos down for a nap, when I FREAKED OUT over this wheat thins commercial. That "Big Kitchen" is 1 block from my apartment. LITERALLY. It is my quaint little neighborhood, South Park, in San Diego.

i think tomorrow i will take a stroll with Amos down our street to the "Big Kitchen" to prove how famous we are (or just our neighborhood). :)

baby fat be gone!

Last night Ricky, Amos, and I traveled down to south San Diego to eat pizza to celebrate our brother-in-law's birthday. Amos got all snazzed up in his polo and khakis (pictured below) - and we all watched the SDSU basketball game - which they sadly lost.

Amos is obviously stuffed.

The point of this post is that pizza. Which I technically only had one slice of, and it was a New York style slice... way less intense! But it's still pretty gross, and I have to stop eating like I'm 40 weeks pregnant

Therefore, I have, and am publicly declaring via blog, signed up for Weight Watchers online. Eating well has grown even more difficult because I am so busy throughout the day I barely get a handful of almonds into my belly, so in the evenings I eat - and I generally eat what Ricky wants to eat... which is gross man food. Example: Pizza.

Now I can track all my eating on a little iPhone app, and shed this baby belly so I can start having some clothes to wear. Plus, I promised I wouldn't buy new clothes until I got back into my old jeans... and I can pull them up easily, but to button them is a reach. This is terribly disheartening because I LOVE THOSE JEANS. They are the only pair I wore pre-baby that fit my short legs, and they were provided by the oh so lovely Anthropologie.

I refuse to sacrifice them.

Therefore, food tracking shall begin. I'll give you updates!



ohhh man. i just feel like i can't keep up.
there are about 6 free hours in my day with naps and ricky help.
in those moments i need to find time to:
1.) Spend time with the Lord
2.) Shower/Get ready
3.) Eat at least 2 meals a day!
4.) Do work, work, work (there is mroe and more everyday!)
5.) Keep the house clean: dishes, picking up, laundry
6.) Make dinner

and trust me! I usually only accomplish 3 of those a day - which means 3 fall through the cracks.
Therefore my house is a mess - created sometime in the last 24 hours...
dishes in the sink, clothes on the floor, etc.


But at least I had time to sneak away and eat these delicious leftovers from last night.
One of my favorite meals in awhile - I can't wait to make it myself.

It's whole wheat pasta spaghetti, red onions, tomato, artichoke, spinach, feta in a lemon white whine sauce. So good and only 250 calories!

sneak peak!

I am super excited because I'm currently working on 2 custom made invitations.
Here's a sneak peak at one I am currently doing for a friend of mine here in San Diego.
I'll show you the final product once her invitations have been sent out in a couple of weeks.

so handsome. oh my!

I can't get enough!!!


teething time.

so life took a quick and unexpected turn this past 2 weeks.
Amos, my usually chill, contended, smiley baby has started teething.
ever since my last couple days in Illinois, i knew something was up...
he just wasn't himself.
when we came home, he would cry and cry and cry and be fairly inconsolable
(minus nursing, the solve all, ALL THE TIME - hallelujah).
i blamed it on transition, but his new drool, fist chewing, and head thrashing should have given it away.

the doctor said he's an early teether (starts at 2 months! come on!),
so the poor guy can't even put toys in his mouth yet.
he just SUFFERS.

he's learned to chew on blankets - which are an easy grab, and his fist, but he's not yet able to see and grab a toy and put it in his mouth.
i did catch him hanging onto a toy yesterday in his carseat, but i'm not sure if it was by accident or the sheer willpower (ache) of my little man.

with all this, i feel like i'm back in new new NEWborn phase.
where you are cooped up in your little home, holding a baby 8 hours straight
(until dear ricky gives me a little break)...
except now he weighs twice as he did before, and he's in pain.

it's now 4:51 and my day has consisted of...

1.) 3 longgg nursing sessions to calm the baby down where i watched an intense episode of INTERVENTION
2.) lots of carrying amos in 4 different positions around my living room in front of our huge mirror, where i have him stare at himself to cheer him up.
3.) reading amos 3 separate books while he chilled in his bouncer, one which was the baby book of genesis. :)
4.) giving him his second bath of the day (Ricky woke up early and gave him his first) because he exploded out of his diaper all into his onesie.
5.) sticking him in his carseat and taking him to the mall to try to distract him.
6.) carrying him through the mall after looking at one store because he was screaming mayhem.
7.) attempting to replace him in his stroller 27 different times, resulting in him screaming mayhem.
8.) contemplating putting him in the carrier but realizing that might not be such a grand idea because i was already sweating bullets because it's 80 something degrees here, and i fear he'd suffocate in the ergo carrier.
9.) returning to our car after lots of carrying to then nurse him in the backseat
10.) driving back to my apartment, and then sitting in the car for 30 minutes because i don't want to risk waking up teething baby
11.) successfully transporting teething, sleeping baby into apartment where he still blissfully slumbers

things my day has not consisted of...

1.) me eating breakfast
2.) me eating lunch
3.) me showering
4.) me doing something with my hair besides putting on a wool cap to hide its dirtiness, which was an insanely bad idea being it feels like 100 degrees outside while carrying heavy, teething child
5.) responding to all my design requests (hoooray!)

but all in all, it is good. life is beautiful. Amos is a joy, and I just feel terrible that he's aching so much.

hopefully I can relearn what it means to fellowship with the Holy Spirit, because that's my only hope for sanity.

poor little teething man.
 successful baby transfer complete.


etsy shop!!!

Exciting, exciting, EXCITING news!!!
Last night I stayed up until 2am working on setting up an Etsy shop, and it is ready to go!

Tell your friends, and your friends friends. :)

I have a link to my shop at the right of this page, and will be creating banners soon. :)

Love to you all. *

my freakish twin...

thanks to the dear claire we stumbled across this very frightening engagement photo of some girl, who at that precise angle, is a skinnier version of me...
who knew?

if you know me personally, you are creeped out.



i love this photographer. so whimsical and beautiful.
you can find her etsy shop here: Kari Herer Photography

and he takes care of me.

so today a new package arrived at our doorstep.
it was a brand new scanner/printer!
my husband is the grandest of all, and has a real passion at seeing MY passions and talents be brought forth.
ever since moving to California and putting on the wife hat, and piling all the hats on top of that that came with LIFE, (full time job hat, cook hat, cleaner hat, MOM hat) i've had less and less time to do anything much else.

he really hates that, and has spent hours talking to me about how to utilize what God has given me more and more. He's shoveled out money for a very expensive keyboard, sewing machine, classes, and now a printer and scanner.

Before I was having to go to his parents to do all my wedding design work, because a majority of it is hand drawn, but now i can do it all from home!!! hopefully while amos naps. ;)

anyways, i've been thinking a lot about Ricky's conversations with me. i have some thoughts i'll share later... but for now, here's my first attempt at some scanner usage!

that's ricky and my first dance as a married couple. i remember i felt so awkward having everyone watching me that i talked with ricky about it the whole song. haha, so much for being romantic!

he is use to me though, super stressed and freaked out 98% of the time.

thank God for him and the Holy Spirit to calm me down.


i found a great, and oh so grand, blog following site!
i have been searching forEVER to find something that would stream all different hosted blogs through one streamlined site.

so NOW....
i follow all my blogs using a BLOGLOVIN.
clean, simple - it shows an image and the first few sentences.
And I can follow blogger blogs, wordpress, etc. etc. etc.

I just love love love it!

You can follow my blog by finding the icon on the right of this page or clicking the link below!

Follow my blog with bloglovin

P.S. Anyone know of a great blog iphone app?

and it is monday.

today has been about dark chocolate covered raisins,
finding a unique set of drawers for my baby's clothes on craigslist,
dancing in the living room with Amos to Jon Thurlow's new album,
trying to figure out how to redesign my blog (blasted html!),
cleaning up the messiness of the weekend,
and setting my heart to Him who is calling.

oh also!
i'm bound and determine to win a blog giveaway in February.

Here's a link to a great one at a GREAT blog, a precious LA mommy and her three precious daughters.

check it out here.



weekend dreamin'.

it's been a grand weekend.
friday night i watched this movie:

interesting to see our generation in movie form.
interesting how the majority of our lives are formulated/lived out via screens, cables, and codes.

saturday amos and i hang out while mr. valdez took his test to score for grad school,
and then we went downtown to hang out with ricky's parents for his mom's birthday.
we partied hard at the top of the hyatt hotel.

they were on the 40th floor, and Amos got his first skyrise experience.
he also decided to dress up in his finest for the occasion.

today was busy with church, football, wedding invitation design, and soy chai lattes.

series: my tights.

      to be continued...


walk. walk. walk.

Another beautiful day & Amos and I went on an afternoon walk.
Ricky has been busy night and day studying for his GRE test tomorrow afternoon, so I've had baby even after hours... which means sore arms holding the little chunker.
It's great, because I need something to happen to this post baby body.

In other news, I have so much sin in my heart, I need the Holy Spirit to make me holy.

Come Lord Jesus.


Amos about to eat his blanket.


so it's fun to remember all the dance parties my homegirls and i had in our time.
we love to break it down, white girl style of course.

amos & i


Amos sings.

tea time.

today was a grey day - and a little chilly for san diego - 60 degrees.
i did lazy inside things with amos like reading him his favorite books,
playing him the guitar, and dancing around the living room.

when the mr. finally arrived from his long, hard day at work - he got right to studying
for his GRE so Amos and I made him some tea.

 ricky with his plate of blue and black berries.


our afternoon walk.


It's 75 degrees outside right now. the sun is bright, the Lord is speaking (always), Amos is asleep on my bed, and my husband is due home in exactly 59 minutes.

hallelujah He gives us good gifts.