disney photoshoot.

more to come...
someday, at sometime, when i get a bunch of free hours!

i love how much he loves.


kansas city living

and here's to some more nostalgia.

this is the first house i lived in with my dearest jenny fackler. it was a smalllll, in the same neighborhood as IHOP-KC prayer room. it was old, and falling apart - which we found out after we moved into a bigger, better place. It was condemned 2 months after we left!!!

anyways, here's some details i captured back in my bald, Anna type days. ;)


the real valentine's day...

On the Sunday before Valentine's day Ricky took me on the best date I have EVER BEEN ON. We got everything ready in the morning and dropped off Amos at his grandparent's house. We took our sad beach cruisers (road bikes would have been WAY better) and rode them from Imperial Beach to Coronado Island and back. Imperial Beach is the most southern beach in California before you reach Mexico, and Coronado is a small community island. It was a 18 mile bike ride (don't quote me, but I'm too lazy to google the exact mileage), and it was sooo intense, but so fun! We rode along the ocean and along the bay. The weather was gorgeous, and it felt good to work out. I hadn't done that much since I got pregnant!

For dinner, we watched the sunset, sat on the pier, and at the packed lunch I'd made. Nothing fancy - just some sandwhiches, salad, and fruit. Without Amos, I felt like we were newlyweds again!!!

After the dinner, we drove to Coronado, since we had ended up back at Imperial Beach. We got some coffee at Starbucks and just dreamed about the next year. What we wanted for our family and for our hearts. 

I am so thankful for my husband. Marriage is such hard work, but so rewarding (and sanctifying!). 

Here's to another year of love!


california dreamin'

I've had so much work to do lately! Squeezing in a design or so a week, with a little baby is WAY harder than I ever imagined. Because of this, I've dropped Amos off twice at his nina's house so I could sneak away to a coffee shop and do some real creating. It's been refreshing having some alone time, but there's this thing in me that always feels guilty when I enjoy it. I know that's craziness... but it's the first time since Amos was created in my belly that I've left him by myself (not included the couple of dates ricky and i have went on).

I do, however, return a way better mom. There's something about being re-ignited with solitude that makes us better with and for people. I remember Henri Nouwen discussing that in his book "Clowning in Rome." How solitude benefits community. Without solitude we are shallow people with nothing to offer those around us. With it, we acquire depth of heart and thought which leads to greater and more meaningful relationships.

I think it all ties into having a spirit of Mary over Martha. When we take the time out, even when our schedule tells us there is no room and no time for such things, we produce greater results. It's the law of weakness. Voluntary weakness (fasting time and duty) leads to supernatural strength.

I was talking about working to say that WHILE working I had to go through a delete TONS of stuff on Ricky's laptop to make room for some new files. In it, I was getting a little nostalgic and wanted to share...

these are some photographs from my first trip to California. It was about 2 months before I met Ricky... and actually is was 3 years ago from this week.

it was such a magical land to me, and now i live here!


vday, for reals.

so we technically celebrated valentine's day the sunday BEFORE valentine's day...
but just for kicks ricky, amos, and i went out on the evening of the 14th.

we just did some shopping at world market (i got a new shower curtain),
and ate at one of our favorite vegan mexican restaraunts (don't worry, it's not all vegan).

here's a pic.
and that blanket creature is covering the slumbering amos.

that's a wholllle lotta frida.

oh i love love.

because his animal pj's are the best.

yesterday, ricky gave amos a bath in our kitchen sink while singing him songs.
after getting him dressed for bed, in his animal pj's, he told him that it was time for us to take him to the zoo - so he could see all those animals in real life.

we woke up this morning, and he just keeps getting cuter, i can't resist capturing EVERY SECOND of this growing up thing.

and he is still as blonde-haired, white-skinned, and blue-eyed as the day he was born. i have to start reminding him everyday he's 50% mexican, or i think he'll forget. ;)

famous bff's.

one of my best friend's tamara got proposed to by her boyfriend aaron in the most INCREDIBLE WAYS.
here's a video, to make you love love even more.

PROPOSAL from Vanden on Vimeo.

and P.S. they are famous now! check it


amos faces.

a couple weeks ago i captured some of amos' wonderful faces:

love that double chin!!!!

oh geez.

let's all weep:
let's all feel deep:

because this is magical.

in another life, in another world.
i would sing to a male vocalist such as he,
and we'd make music that touched heaven.

maybe one day, maybe some day.



amos loves to fall asleep with grandpa valdez.


sneak peak: 3 month photo shoot.


finally a decent picture of us together.
[even if he wasn't in the most smiley of moods]

doodle time.

it's saturday night.
today was a full, full day.
my little fam headed out to the UCSD campus for an event called LOVE TENT.
it's a prayer room set up in the middle of canvas during valentine's day.
so refreshing to the heart.

later we did a pretty successful 3 month amos photoshoot,
had some hamburgers,
and now i'm upstairs at my in-laws doodling away for a map i'm making
while everyone else is watching inception downstairs.

i'm not too disappointed i'm missing out because i already saw it, and was a little irked by that juno girl and the wannabe suspense.

i know, i know. don't beat me up. it was genius, but i felt like it was copying genius done before.

so here i am.


vote for me!

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