found in a lonely field.

Amos and Ricky are napping, and I have to wait a bit before I can start some design work for the day. decided to see what was hiding on my SLR, which led me to my flickr, which led me to these photos. 

they are from the beginning of the summer, right after I found out I was pregnant. it was also about a million degrees in a field by my dad's house. it lays in a pretty rural town outside st. louis where summer nights are truly magical.

 amos has grown so much since then. talking, talking, talking. dreaming. i love these moments though - and he is truly the delight of my heart on this earth. 


 what a gift.



crazy november. here we go.

and so it's been awhile.
a little silent over here.
pregnancy has kicked my little butt, in the best possible way and rearranged time and priorities.
i just don't have as many moments lately to be at the computer. nap times are spent napping (amos and i). or dishes. or spending time with the Lord. i'm much more involved this season with our home church and building some great relationships.

i love this little space, and i have lots of dreams to simplify and just speak on its pages. hopefully as i grow bigger and slow down some, there will be more time.

amos turns 2 on friday. i will share how his little birthday celebration goes, for my own cataloguing sake.

he's like a new boy every couple weeks. growing and changing. speaking and feeling and thinking. exercising his will. responding to parenting. asking about Jesus.

it's a dream. a hard work - a sanctifying work, but a dream all the same. i am convinced you never know what you were made for until you are walking in it. and that's when you breathe a great big breathe and say, "ohhhh, and this is what it is to be fully alive."

i feel that way. not always. i also feel tired, overwhelmed. sometimes like a failure. sometimes i regard my mothering more highly than i ought. it's a journey really. a journey, at the end of the day, i truly enjoy.

and so that is my little update. there is laundry to be done. party planning to finish. and moments to be siezed of sitting with my little boy and giggling at silly things like when he combines two random words and finds it hilarious.

"FLAMINGO TOMATO!" "hahahahahahahaha"

these are the golden moments. where the fun and silly side of our God shines forth in the face of a little boy.


and it's a...


a new adventure!