boys and their block towers.


on monday and tuesday evenings ricky goes to work early in the morning, and immediately after his workday is done he heads over to campus for his graduate school classes. these evenings i try to get amos in bed between 7:00-8:00, so I have some good alone time to get a lot of things done. Ricky usually comes in around 9:30, gives me a kiss, and sneaks in to peek in on amos sound asleep in his crib.

but once in a blue moon - on those crazier days - he comes home to amos awake. it's like a prize for him and for Amos. usually around 5:30 amos starts asking for "dada" and standing at the door pointing. i have to remind him dad is hard at work and school, and he'll be home tomorrow evening. the same thing happened today, but fortunately amos was on some crazy pills and was still awake at 9:15 when Ricky got home.

and so what do these two boys do, even with my sounds advice on doing something peaceful to get amos in a "bedtime" mood, they PLAY. they play "dogs" - ricky crawls around the chair and sneaks up on amos. they play planes. they play ball. and tonight they built towers with blocks.

i had to sneak in and spy on their time, because they are both so happy being together. family is such a beautiful thing. it lights up even our small one bedroom apartment with love.


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i love these two because you can see such concentration and a sense of accomplishment. he is getting so smart, it's unbelievable. he can say over a hundred words (no joke, this kid is a talker) and is understanding more and more every day.

it just keeps getting better.


i snuck in for one, blurry shot. :)


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thanks. :)


  1. Ah, boys and their toys :) Love the pictures, they're beautiful! Wishing you all the best!

  2. wowwww, he talks so muuuuch for his age. little baby genius!!
    i think our hair is the exact same color. and yours looks sooo pretty. so maybe i'll let mine grow out and be natural!!! ;)

  3. i love daddy & little boy time!
    sweet moments!
    i love how much our little boys look up to their daddy.


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