"i've a trunk full of love for you" // free vintage valentine's day cards

 today was one of those glorious days where my little amos took a gigantic nap, my husband was reading and i was able to explore my little neighborhood all by myself. there is a vintage treasury  down the street, bad madge & company, and it's so quaint (with tons of adorable breakable houseware) i never feel safe shoving amos' stroller inside when we take walks during the week. i snuck in today and searched every nook and cranny. i found some adorablevintage cards, and decided to make a feature of FREE printable vintage cards. The next week or so I'll be posting Valentine's day cards.

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how adorable is this little elephant? these would be so fun for little amos to hand out to all his precious baby friends!

feel free to download the pdf here and print it on your own desktop printer! i would suggest a heavier weight paper than normal computer paper - which you can easily find at walmart, target, or kinkos!

and after they are cut out - don't forget to write a little message of love! :) <3

have fun! 
and if you live in the san diego area - check out bad madge & company in southpark on fern street.

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  1. I'm sooooo excited about your blog on all your fabulous finds at Bad Madge & Co! YA!!! Thanks for shopping at our store and loving the fab vintage cards!


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