so much love in the ESSS DEEE.

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today was such a beautiful day. ricky, amos and i rolled out of bed fairly early and headed over to a new breakfast place near our apartment. we met some nebraskans, played with flash cards, and ate french toasts with carmalized plantains (weird but YUMMMMM).

then we relaxed while i made some lunch for our friends sharaya and her fiance matt, who were coming to visit after they had attended this marriage conference. they shared with us what they learned, and we ate some mexican salads (recipe to come. so simple. SO DELICIOUS.) while amos downed black beans and sweet corn, and sat so quietly listening. this was a beautiful rarity.

afterwards we headed to the beach so i could shoot some engagement photos. it's funny, because i feel like such a dope with my fancy camera and i turn dials and switches, so it seems i know exactly what i am doing. but i don't. at all.

i did capture some gems, and it was relatively easy because i mean - look at them. and my camera is smarter than i am. so i was happy they found some the could use.

these were my favorite - so dreamy with the sunset. love is just so magical.

we finished off the day with vanilla bean espresso icecream and amos in bed at 6:50PM. yes, i said it. SIX FIFTY PM. insane and glorious.

what a peaceful day!!!

and i am even more excited to attend our new church (really, this is an answer to years of prayer since moving away from ihop and into kansas city).

thank you Lord for this weekend.


pssss. also! thanks so much for your votes. i'm on page one! so crazy. it's been great meeting so many moms through this network. if you'd like, you can vote once every 24 hours - and on every new post.

thanks for feedback also on the previous posts. love love love.

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