o. m. gooooodness.

need inspiration?

i mean really....

so one of my favs: this blog, did a post about this blog. and now i am in love.

say hello to, the glow. it's beautiful photography of motherhood, children, homes, and pretty much the beauty of the season i find myself in. it's inspiring and reminds me a lot of the selby, another photography blog i creep on - but a lot more my genre.

you have to take it with a grain of salt though - knowing these are celebrity and/or big career women with lots of money to buy big, roomy homes with huge windows, hardwood floor, and the best flea market finds. there kids are dressed to the nines, and they have everything your flesh probably insists you need.

well, it doesn't, and motherhood isn't that glamorous.

i think after you check out that blog you should head on over to my friend britney's blog, mike + brit, where another lovely blogger i know, alison from after his smile did a guest post on the TRUE beauty of motherhood. check it out here.

that's a good balanced day of blog creeping, if you ask me. ;)

-- bleubird vintage (the original blog crush post)
-- the glow (beautiful mamas with beautiful homes and beautiful children)
-- mike + brit (a lady who could definitely be featured on the above blog, while still writing about things that really matter.)
-- after His smile (the guest blogger who will keep any mother's heart focused on that which really matters.)


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  2. don't you like looking at their kids names?! such good names. LUNA!!!

  3. thanks sweet friend!

    love the other blogs as well!

  4. @brit - i read your first comment on my gmail, and it was good. AND TRUE! :) love you

    @allison - you are welcome! i loved what you wrote.


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