amos' first haircut.


this is a before picture of my poor little boy. it's so cute, and photographs great - but it is honestly in his eyes all day, every day. he has even learned to tilt his head back slightly to see under the fine, blonde haze.


so we showed up and amos went to town on the train set with ricky.

his little chubby hands were having the time of their lives.


i came with pictures and explanations. i was probably ridiculous, but i didn't want him to have a ridiculous first hair cut. who wants that for their child?!

he did well at first,  but he still doesn't know how to be fascinated by TV - and so halfway through he was pushing the stylist's hand away while exclaiming his new favorite word, "no! no! no!"

she wasn't able to finish, but at least he can see now! i plan on fixing it up a bit when it grows in. fading the bangs into the side more, but overall i think he had fun and wasn't too traumatized. - and we even got to take a locket of his hair home with an official photograph.

we parent's eat that stuff up. ;)


first "official" hair cut. 02 .05. 2011. 


  1. What a stud! :) My sister-in-law had to take my nephew to the salon three times to finish his haircut. Haha. Babies won't stand for such shenanigans ;)


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