"A FRIENDLY VALENTINE" // free vintage valentine's day cards


so, i love this little valentine - why? because it's a FRIENDLY valentine. :) no worries, ladies, about passing this out to the boys. they should get the idea. plus, the colors are splendid and the font is so dainty.

i created a PDF that fits four to a page. i suggest matte photo paper or cardstock. i bought a cheap pack in the stationary aisle at target. works out perfectly.

and if you really want to pour out your heart and give this to an ex or old flame, these are the words that were found inside. you can print this side out and glue to pack side. or if you are really tech savvy and print it on the back as it lays out exactly as the front. (flip the paper so it feeds the other side).


here's the original. i like the blues and yellows a little better. :)

brought to you by bad madge & company - a unique vintage/antique treasury found in south park in san diego. check it out! just a visit is it's own glorious experience. 

-- oh! oh! and a 2 click daily vote, if you so desire. ;)

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