valentine's day & allllll that great stuff.

this valentine's day i told mr. ricky that i wanted the FULL SHABANG. that's right. i wanted roses, chocolates, pink, hearts, cards, etc. give hallmark a run for their money.

and i don't know why. it's not really normal for me to want to spend extra money on things like that, but this year it sounded fun. and so, even with that hint months in advance - ricky delivered. he's such a mighty, mighty man. ;)

so the friday before valentine's day ricky surprised me with an evening at the san diego symphony. it was well needed because i was having a day that looked a little like this:

poor amos' molar just made it's first appearance today - and so it's been a long road of aching for his little mouth.
and so, i got so excited i started getting ready wayyyyy to early waiting for him to get off work. even though i was still running around like crazy by the time ricky arrived, because getting ready with a toddler is madness to begin with. good madness, of course. ;) i even tried the no clamp curls i found on this blog (LOVED THEM) and busted out the red lipstick.

it was so fun to get dressed up - and ricky and i loaded up the car to drop off amos at his grandparents. we then headed out to grab a quick dinner with wine and then saw some insanely talented musicians. it was pure delight!

ricky actually got us free tickets from a classmate who invited us to a donor VIP party. we got some free food and drinks, and pretended to be filthy rich. ;)

after taking this shots for my mom (she wanted to see what i wore) - i realized my entire outfit is from different thrift store trips - and my dress is actually from high school.

then on valentine's day morning amos walked into the kitchen handing me a roses followed by ricky with a box of chocolates. even though ricky had school, we all caught a quick pizza dinner before his class where ricky gave me the best gift of all - a card he ("and amos") had designed for me and gotten printed. i loved it!

my pretty lame card to ricky.

i'm so thankful to the Lord for this man and the beauty, comfort, and confidence that comes in covenant marriage and knowing you will have the same Valentine year after year.

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oh! and here's a remembrance to last years vday.
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