So, I know, I know... it's been awhile. But that doesn't mean their still aren't winners for the 24 Days of Giving Giveaways. I opened up the handy, dandy random generator and picked winners for each. If you are the lucky one, shoot me an email to seetheskyline@gmail.com!!!


[winners found below each giveaway photograph]

See the Skyline Designs Custom Program Giveaway

See the Skyline Designs Lovers Hand Sketch Print

See the Skyline Blog Handmade Fabric Garland Giveaway

The Dainty Woods Shop & Blog Giveaway

Urban Rain Shop Giveaway / Set 1 and Set 2

Hooray for all! More giveaways to come for the month of February - and if you are interested in hosting a giveaway to direct traffic to your blog and shop feel free to email me [seetheskyline@gmail.com] about sponsorship/trading information. Thank you!

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