2 year anniversary // a photo a day - 6/29


after our torturous weekend, ricky and i were able to go on a mini-date this evening. amos was napping at his grandparents and we sneaked away to one of our favorite local coffee shops. i ordered a small, familiar soy spiced chai latte, and my husband a small coffee - his habitual choice which he only drinks 1/4 of the way through. good thing it's always less than 2 dollars.

we sat at a corner table, in a crowded room, and we talked. we, of course, talk every day. but these uninterrupted moments - moments where there seems to be so much to say, so much to discuss, and both of us enter into this grace where we can so perfectly articulate our hearts - these moments are golden.

we talked about the future. so many open doors. ricky's grad school. new decisions about my job, our finances, and where the Lord is calling me to sow my time (and talents). career opportunity overseas. africa. family. faith. our blessed little son.

i finished off my chai, while Ricky's coffee set untouched. we both had tears, at many different moments. tears as we talked about how much we love our mothers and our fathers. how our heart loves so deeply our sisters. how incredible the blessing of a child can be. how good the Lord is.

i mean, really, how GOOD the Lord is.

and so we remember why we fell in love. why the Lord put us together. why we are still alive and breathing and under the glorious umbrella of that goodness that is chasing us down every day.

to Him be the glory, forever and ever - amen.

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  1. i love you guys so much. thanks for sharing about your date.


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